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A partial listing of classes and workshops previously held at Soul Nest:


Art for Healing

Offered through the Carpinteria Arts Center

Based on the Life-Art process developed by expressive arts pioneer Anna Halprin, this class will explore painting, writing, and movement as avenues for connecting with inner resources for health and healing. Both playful and profound, this workshop experience will offer participants a one-day immersion into the benefits of expressive arts.  Appropriate for all levels, from seasoned artists to complete beginners. 


Paint in the New Year!

Come join us for this intuitive painting workshop to honor the beginning of a new year. We will paint while sensing the particular questions that are closest to our heart as we greet the year ahead. Intuitive Painting is a process through which we can listen deeply to the wisdom of our own body, mind, heart, and soul. It is a deep and delightful practice that yields tangible experience of the knowing that often lies just beyond the conscious awareness of everyday life. No previous experience needed. Come join us!

The Art of Healing Through Grief - Expressive Arts Group

"Loss has already transfigured your life into an altar."

- Jeff Foster

"At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source."

- Rachel Naomi Remen

​What loss have you experienced that wants your loving attention? Through painting, collage, writing, and movement we honor our grief. In the experience of witnessing and sharing, we can heal. Shared expression within a safe circle of compassionate souls, brings forth the hidden gifts inside the wound of loss. Join us for this tender and nurturing exploration.

Intuitive Painting Class - Painting From the Body for Women

Intuitive Painting is a meditative art form. The focus is on the experience of the process more than the product. Through the creative act of "trusting the brush" we exercise our ability to accept what is, to befriend the unknown, and to see through the eyes of love the hidden or forgotten parts of ourselves. Painting From the Body is an approach to intuitive painting that focuses on the body and the wisdom it holds. It is a pleasurable and revelatory practice that puts us in touch with what our body knows. Come join us!

Earth Art - Nurturing your Creativity in nature

Offered through the Carpinteria Arts Center

In this time of so much uncertainty, in which creativity and destruction, beauty and horror, love and hate are arising simultaneously all around us, nature is a steadfast companion. We can trust and rest in the ancient wisdom of the Earth. We, as small and fragile creatures that rely on her generosity to exist, can find much succor when we immerse ourself in the presence of the more-than-human world and listen. This is what we will be doing in this class...listening with all of our senses and bringing forth, through a variety of creative expression, the knowing that comes through when we are in communion with the natural world. This class will be cherished time for anyone who wants to spend more time in nature, slowing down, listening, cultivating their creative heart and sharing with others the healing that comes from being in connection with self, other and earth. All forms of creative expression, writing, drawing, painting, nature sculpture or collage, moving, singing, music making, will be invited but not mandated.

Cultivate Your Creativity Through the Five Senses

Offered through the Carpinteria Arts Center

Creativity initiates within the body and is fostered through the senses.  It arises as an impulse, an intuition, a sensation related to a memory or a longing.  By tuning into our senses, we discover a wellspring from which to create.In this workshop we will experiment with different sensory stimuli to experience how they inspire our writing, image making, and other creative forms of expression. 

Ancestor Altar Workshop

​In this workshop you will have the time, supplies, and group support to create an ancestor altar for a loved one who has gone before you. Ancestor Altars give us the opportunity to spend time with all of our feelings about those who have left this life before us. Our joys and our sorrows receive equal honoring as we create a unique expression of our love for those who we can no longer touch or see, but who will always be embedded in our life and heart. Come join us for this heartful and creative time together honoring the mystery that is life and death, sorrow and celebration. We will begin with wooden boxes, and create with paints, collage materials, personal images, memorabilia, and other materials, a sacred space for you to honor and connect with your loved one.

Roots and Wings - Mother and Daughter Expressive Arts Group

In this group we will use the expressive arts to explore, deepen, and nourish our mother-daughter relationships. Through creative play and expression we will take time to slow down, pay close attention, and really listen to one another. No relationship in life is more impactful than that of mother and child. Come join us in taking time to nourish the respect, trust, and empathy of this most powerful and precious bond. 

Connecting Through Art - Parent Child Workshop
Offered through the Carpinteria Arts Center​

In this workshop parents and children will experience playful interaction through making art together, a fun and deeply meaningful way of connecting and communicating. Come join us for an active (and a little bit messy) afternoon of making art together with your special one.

Art-SEA: Socially Engaged Art (SEA)
Art connects. It connects us with our self, others, and our environment. In this class we will engage art for the purpose of connecting with our community. Projects may include making inspiration stones to give to people in our community, picking up plastic trash from the beach to make art, collecting stories from elders to make art based on their wisdom to give back to them. Bring your own ideas and come join in!

Heart Play - Kids' Craft Workshops

​​Crafty, creative expression unfettered by limiting pre-set notions is a fabulous way to support the health of the whole person. At HeArt Play Craft Workshops kids have the opportunity to use an inspiring array of materials in the creation of suggested projects. Process over product is emphasized and each individual's unique creative expression is celebrated. 

Heart Play Kids - Art, Movement, Story

Parents are welcome to stay and participate with their child(ren). Each class is an integrated experience of art making, movement exploration, and story. Imagination, play, and a cross pollination of different forms of expression will be our guides on our weekly adventures in this class.

Storytelling Evenings

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship,

stories are the thing we need most in the world.” --Phillip Pullman

Join us for a fun and heart warming evening of coming together in community to enjoy the simple pleasures of being together, (no screens!) listening to one another, and sharing from our hearts and imagination. This is a free, interactive, family friendly event. Adults and children alike, please bring a story, poem, joke, skit, dance or song to share.

Somatic Explorations 

​• Feel, track, and befriend sensations in your body

• Release accumulated tension/trauma from your nervous system

• Alleviate pain from physical, mental, and emotional tensions

• Increase feelings of calm, spaciousness, connection, and resiliency

• Be nourished in the field of presence that is the ground of existence

With a special focus on Continuum Movement and Tension/Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), we feel and release patterns of stuck energy in the body that may be causing pain and limitation. Through the felt sense we cultivate our tenderness, curiosity, awareness, wonder, awe, self compassion, creativity, connection with inner resources, and much more.


Inner Work for Turbulent Times - Constellation Workshop Series

with Juliana Nelson, Tanis Thust, Maritza Luz Vega and Heather Young on Saturdays, 9:30am - 4:30pm

April 15 - Exploring our resources for grounding, balancing and creative response

May 13 - Nourishing our capacity to be in healthy relationship with self, other, world and Source

June 3 - From anxiousness to sweet connection

Turbulent times invite us deeper into the inner work of our own healing and self-discovery. Our inner work becomes a necessary gateway for the collective healing and transformation that is being called for. Curious about constellation work? Come experience a version of the work that is deeply rooted in somatic awareness, is focused on the health of the system, and is practiced in small groups with loads of strong gentle support from four women very experienced in fieldwork. Come be nourished through connecting deeply with yourself and with others in this openhearted, inclusive community. We hope you will join us!​



Constellation Work Clinics

with facilitators, Juliana Barros and Heather Young

Work with personal, developmental, familial, ancestral, cultural, collective and spiritual layers of your experience through this remarkable process based on tapping into the "Field of Knowing" as presented in Family Constellation Work. This style of Constellation Work is somatically based with a strong intention towards resourcing, and gaining insight into how the personal relates to the collective in the healing journey. Hosted by two facilitators for two layers of support within a small group of participants. 



Myth, Constellation Work, and Intuitive Painting: Access Your Archetypal Allies

With Rebecca Lovejoy, PhD, and Heather Young MA

In this workshop we will delve into the archetypal images that are most relevant to your individual story, through visualization, and mythic story. We will do exercises in embodying these images using the somatic techniques of constellation work. Constellation Work is a somatically based process, that taps into the relational field. It provides embodied experience of what are often the invisible dynamics going on in a relationship, with self or other or even between two groups (cultures, organizations etc). Archetypal Mythology is a combined conception, using mythological story and image to play with psychological elements that are developing in an individual person's current experience. This method is a reading into the connection between the image and the person's own narrative, to find, shake up the current patterns, and look for new insights that will open up choices for your life. This workshop is a powerful day long process of discovering a deeper connection to the story that is currently developing in your life. Join us in deep exploration!


Women's Constellation Retreat

Facilitators: Tanis Thust, Maritza Luz Vega, Juliana Barros, Heather Young

For every human being, embodied life emerges through the portal of the mother, the feminine. The feminine holds our deepest connection to life, with all that entails. It includes all the light and all the shadows, all the manifest and all the unknown. Through the process of bringing more awareness to our relationship with the feminine, our hearts can open. We can experience movements from contracted states of defensiveness and fear to more spacious capacity, resiliency and love. Through the feminine we come home to our self and connect to the divine heart of life itself. As each of us connect to the heart of life, we not only support our personal and collective evolution, we also bring increased health to the whole of life. In this retreat through experiential exercises and expressive processes, we will explore our relationship with the feminine: out relationship to our own embodiment, our physical mother, our female lineage, our planetary mother earth, and as the container which holds it all, our relationship with the universal or divine feminine. Connecting with abundant support from inner and outer resources, we will shed layers of not belonging, fear of failure, and of not being enough. We will travel a pathway of radical inclusion towards a more thorough embodiment of our inherent wholeness. Feeling the encouragement of the light against our being that our wholeness naturally emanates, we will embolden the blossoming of our unique feminine gifts, strength and beauty.