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" I believe in the simple profundity of embodied knowing. I believe in it as a way to stay connected to the best in ourselves and as a pathway for personal and cultural (r)evolution." --Heather Young

In private practice since 1999, and with over 30 years of experience in mind-body health, Heather combines somatic healing, intuitive art, and Constellation Work to help her clients heal through difficult times and to discover a more fulfilled sense of aliveness, connection, and well-being.


Through years of commitment to her own growth and that of her clients, Heather has become a deeply experienced practitioner with a broad capacity to attune to her clients and accompany them safely through profoundly healing and nourishing processes.

Heather holds undergraduate degrees in Education and Applied Arts, a masters degree in Consciousness Studies and is a Registered Yoga Therapist (RYT) and Pilates instructor. Her work is informed by the latest research in somatic psychology and mind-body healing, as well as her studies in a wide range of somatic and creative healing practices including Pilates, Yoga, Body-Mind Centering, Sensory Awareness, Authentic Movement, Dream Work, Intuitive Painting, Deep Ecology, Expressive Arts, Healing Touch, Trauma Release, Visionary Craniosacral, Psoas Work, Embodied Meditation, Continuum Movement, Focusing, Relational Constellation Work and Somatic Psychology.


Heather's greatest teachers have been her clients, along with her own explorations and practices. Additionally, she has been blessed to study directly with a number of pioneers and luminaries, including, but not limited to:

Anna Halprin (Life-Art Process)

Arnold and Amy Mindell (Process Work)

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Body-Mind Centering)

Brent Anderson (Pilates)

Brian Swimme (Evolutionary Cosmology)  

Chris Zydel (Intuitive Painting)

Charlotte Selver (Sensory Awareness)

Dyrian and Joanne Chartrand-Benz (Constellation Work)

Emilie Conrad (Continuum Movement) 

Joanna Macy (Deep Ecology)

Joseph LePage (integrative yoga)

Kathy Kain (Somatic Practice)

Kay Fulton (dance)

Liz Koch (Psoas Work)

Reginal Ray (Embodied Meditation) 

Terry  Sendgraff (body prayer and dreamwork)

TKV Desikacher (yoga therapy)

Tina Stromsted (Authentic Movement)



Heather lives in the beautiful, small seaside town of Carpinteria, California with her musician husband, her home schooled dancer daughter, and their sweet tabby kitty, Mirette. She is a third generation Santa Barbara native who has returned to living in the area after years of living in Sonoma County, Paris France, and Portland Oregon. She spends as much time as possible learning along side her daughter, listening to nature while walking on the beach and in the foothills, reading , crafting, gardening, making intuitive art, and practicing somatic awareness.

How I came to use somatic healing, intuitive art, and Constellation Work in combination to create a safe, potent container for healing: 

More than twenty years ago near the completion of my studies for my masters degree in Consciousness Studies, my intuitive painting instructor lead the class in a meditation for meeting with our inner-guide to ask for direction regarding our work in the world. I returned from that meditation with three words: body, imagination, love. Those three words represented a distillation of everything that had led me up to that point in my life. Over the years since then, those words have continued to guide me towards practices that help me access the wisdom of these three potent healers: our body wisdom, our creativity, and our capacity to give and receive love. The body, I have courted through a variety of somatic practices including dance, Body-Mind Centering, Pilates, yoga, Authentic Movement, Trauma Release Exercise, and Continuum Movement. The imagination, I have cultivated with intuitive painting, intuitive collage, and art journaling practices. As for love, I have discovered in Constellation Work an astonishingly effective way of working with "the barriers within [my]self that [I] have built against it.” (reference is to a line from Rumi). There are many similarities between these three areas of exploration and a natural, supportive interplay occurs between them which is deeply creative, mysterious, and connective. The connection is the primary healer. The connection to self, to all our parts, to our lineage, to the hidden dynamics that govern much of what goes on individually and collectively, and of primary importance, the connection to the larger whole that nourishes all life. Somatic healing, intuitive art, and Constellation Work have helped me to become aware of and integrate lost parts of myself  and have been incomparable tools for helping me to experience healing at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and soul. For this I feel so grateful!